Malagasy post – Paositra Malagasy

The offices of the Malagasy Paositra are available all over the Big Island. They could sometimes be so small that you would miss them but here are several reasons why they will be useful to you.

Courier service in Madagascar

Paositra Malagasy provides standard mail services for long distance or international letters, prints, packages and parcels. It also offers financial services with money orders of any kind (domestic, express domestic, term deposit, money card, money postal order, money transfer and postal office or International Express Order also called MAERI). This service is very useful and cheaper if you want to easily transfer money domestically or internationally. The postal savings account is also available and accessible to everyone, even to legal persons including associations or charitable organizations.

Transport service across Madagascar

The station can also offer transport services for passengers, cargo or car rental. The price varies depending on the options chosen during the application. You can see here the pricing table.

Cyber ​​Post in Madagascar

Cyber ​​Post is one of the latest marketing  innovations from Paositra Malagasy. This service, which is present in a limited number of post offices only, allows you to surf the Internet, do data entry, make prints and scans. It’s a bit like the office counter at Staples or Bureau en Gros (in Quebec). Cyber ​​Poste is offered in Antananarivo (2 locations), Toamasina or Tamatave, Antsirabe, and Fianarantsoa. However, it is good to know that in every big town in Madagascar, one should be able to find Cyber Cafe with Internet connection and office services easily. It is just that the connection speed is a “bit” lower than what we are used to in North America.

For more information about paositra malagasy, please check out their website.

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