Madagascar tourism news – January 2011

Madagascar’s tourism gradually recover itself after the political crisis’ difficult period. Malagasy tourism professionals now want to regain the momentum lost just before the 2009 crisis and substantial efforts are mobilized to this end. Recently, the renowned british agency McCluskey was chosen to promote Madagascar’s tourism worldwide.
This agency specializes in public relations and marketing in the field of tourism for over the past twenty years. Their clientele includes such national tourism boards, hotel groups, airline companies and tour operators.

Madagascar’s advantages as a unique, special, and sellable destination will finally be exploited as it should be. Through their representative, Judy McCluskey, McCluskey agency said they intends to focus their efforts on the unique strengths of the Big Island. The focus will be placed on the fauna and flora, the culture, cuisine and more. You can read general information about these subjects on our menu Discover Madagascar.

For a first step, their strategy is to let some selected journalist discover the authentic malagasy tourist experience. They will have the opportunity to travel to the Big Island and live the experience by themselves. They then become the ambassadors in the name of Madagascar tourism; and at the same time, their critics will help to improve the whole system and tourism infrastructure.

Initiatives like those of the association Degemer Mada from western France last weekend deserve special attention. Their introduced Madagascar to the local folks with photos, text panels and a sales exhibition of handicrafts from the Island. Their primary goal is, of course, social issues to help the disabled, youth, women and disadvantaged people of Madagascar in general; but their actions also let the luckiest to discover this fascinating island, rich in contradiction.

Finally, as for the american continent, volunteers from Voyagiste Madagascar made, on 14 January 2011, a presentation of the culture and daily life in Madagascar to a group of young quebecers leaving for an internship in the Big Island this summer.

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