Madagascar tourism news – may 2011- part 2

Wine festival in the Matsiatra region

The Fianarantsoa region in south central Madagascar is famous for its wine potential. Viticulture concessions were introduced during the times of French settlers in early twentieth century. Currently, local entrepreneurs are constantly improving the quality of Malagasy products that are beginning to be recognized worldwide. In fact, the Matsiatra region produces the best wines of Madagascar whether red, white, gray or pink.

This year’s wine festival in the region will be held from August 25 to 28, 2011 after the harvest that took place in January-February. 

If you’re in the neighborhood, do not miss the wine tasting, cultural activities and sports, and even cooking competition … You’ll undoubtedly hear about the wines Maromby, Lazan’i Betsileo, Clos Malaza, etc.. So come visit Fianar!


South African Airways Mada


Like Nigeria, Republic of Congo and Burundi, the South African national airline wants to expand its flights to Madagascar as part of its expansion plans in Africa. The confirmation was made at the airline’s  annual breakfast during the 32nd edition of the Indaba tourism exhibition in Durban, South Africa. The expansion in question is not only organic growth but also include the improvement of the planes infrastructure. A bilateral agreement between South Africa and Madagascar will guide the airline in carrying out this project.


The 4L is 50 years old in Madagascar

For those who do not know, the 4L is an old model of the french brand Renault which is still widely used in Madagascar, particularly in Diego. On May 21, the 50th anniversary of the 4L in Madagascar were celebrated at Diego Suarez in northern Madagascar. A parade show competition was held at the City Hall Place to mark the event.

The participants had to use their imagination to make the vehicle as original as possible. The winner car was the convertible one transporting a dozen passengers as a “maximum” capacity which originally was made for 5 people! The second was the musical one which is basically a transformed 4L able to receive on its roof a group of musicians!

Inspired by what they saw, young amateur artists made miniature versions of the 4L at the last minute. They presented their creations to the jury of the parade in hoping to win prizes. One must now that the 4L is the little national Herbie in Madagascar …
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