Madagascar tourism news – may 2011 – part 1

Almost hosted the royal couple

Madagascar “almost” hosted the world’s most prominent couple William and Kate, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The Seychelles Tourism Board confirmed on early May the arrival of the royal couple for a stay at Banyan Tree Hotel in north-east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. The couple spent their honeymoon surrounded by coconut palms, white sand and crystal clear sea water. To satisfy your curiosity, a night in this dream hotel can cost up to 7 000 USD. The Banyan Tree has been chosen among others because of their assurance of total discretion …


Vanilla Islands coming for China … and soon other countries

Representatives of Madagascar, Mauritius, Reunion and the Seychelles came to China to promote the Vanilla Islands destination as described in our previous article. The islands delegation positioned their product with packages combining every strength of each destination such as the unique biodiversity of Madagascar, the beauty of volcanoes in Reunion and luxury hotels in Mauritius.

Madagascar was represented by Joel Randriamandranto and Vola Raveloson from the National Tourism Office in Madagascar. Among the Vanilla Islands, Mayotte was not represented during the 5-day mission.

In fact, the idea of ​​a package including all 6 islands of the Indian Ocean was abandoned to be replaced by bilateral actions including:Mauritius-Reunion, Madagascar-Reunion, Madagascar-Seychelles, Mauritius-Seychelles, Reunion-Seychelles and Mauritius-Madagascar. Fam tours have been already made for the media and tour operators in China.

Soon the Vanilla Islands will head for the european market including Germany, England and Italy. A meeting with airline companies is also expected to discuss the possibilities of reducing cost of airline tickets to the Indian Ocean. Hopefully the achievements will make some happy!


Donia festival on the Perfumed Island

The 18th Donia festival of Nosy Be took place from May 8 to May 12, 2011. This year’s theme was “The culture, a vector of socio-economic development”. The king and queen of “kahoitry” – a kind of tropical music with malagasy

beat signature – Jerry Marcoss and Vaiavy Chila were present with several other famous artists of the Indian Ocean and other countries.

The event officially began with a carnival and a colorful ball. The biggest festival of the Indian Ocean made hundreds of thousands people discover rhythms and musics with its 4 delirious nights which have nothing to envy to the previous editions. The music styles ranged from jazz, to rock, reggae, rap, and of course the very popular mafana music – literally “hot” music.

This major international festival is held annually in Nosy Be by the Nosy Be Festival Organisation Committee or COFESTIN. Traditionally, it takes place during the week of Pentecost, but this year was an exception.

Madagascar Tourism News – May 2011 – Part 2

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