Romazava recipe

Ingredients for about 4 portions *
500 grams of beef with enough fat
2 bunches of cut leafy vegetables
1 bunch of chopped hot leafy vegetables
1 onion minced
2 ripe plum tomatoes medium size, coarsely chopped
50 g of crushed ginger
salt to taste
300 ml water

Cut the meat according to the desired size. Generally, it is cut into smaller pieces compared to the hen’omby ritra recipe.

Add salt and cook the meat over medium heat  in a pot by not adding water at first. Allow the juice out to leak of the meat until total evaporation.

Add 250 ml of water just to cover the pieces in half. Once the cooking water evaporated, give the fat time to come off from the meat before adding the onion. Let the onion swet then add ginger and tomatoes. The meat should be half-tender at this point.

Let the meat cook for about 5 minutes within the sauce then add the leafy vegetables, the hot leafy vegetables and the remaining water. Simmer until the meat is fully cooked, that is to say tender to taste. It should take 20 min maximum.

Attention must make sure to have plenty of juices. If one is missingthen add more water.

Romazava is a juicy dish, refreshing even though eaten hot, with rice and a tomato salad or rougail. In fact, there are so many juice instead of having a thickened sauce that the fluid is lighter, hence the name. Romazava means clear juice.

Whatever the kinds of leafy vegetable, it should always make good romazava, such the bitter one, chinese cabbage, spinach, etc.. It just have to be a vegetable that leaves can be eaten.

* Serving size is calculated using the recommended amount daily basis in Canada and the United States.
Mazotoa homana – Enjoy!

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