Ron’akoho recipe

Ron’akoho is always prepared with a whole chicken meat in Madagascar. Basically, it is a chicken broth prepared with fresh local ingredients. People usually prefer those made with gasy chicken or akoho gasy, a local species. The meat is more tasty and it is healthier than genetically modified and hormone feeded (only God knows!) occidentally-like chicken… Gasy chickens are sold alive in every local markets wherever you are in Madagascar. Freshness of the meat is never going to be an issue!

That being said, following is the ingredients and preparation for this nationwide popular dish.


A whole chicken (with the head, the feet, the organs: liver, gizzard, heart and intestine)

2l of Water

Fresh crushed ginger


Cut the chicken in small individual pieces. Rince the organs well and try not to break the bile from the liver to avoid that bitter taste. Open and unfold the intestines with a knife to be able to clean well the inside. What an anatomy lesson, right? The organs help a lot in the typical taste of ron’akoho because they add flavour and density to the cooking juice. And they also taste delicious with diffrent textures. A must try!

Place the meat in a pot and add the water. Cover and let simmer at medium heat for about 45 minutes or untill the meat is tender but not too much. At the end of cooking, add the crushed ginger and salt to taste. Let boil for 5 more minutes and it is done. If you need more juice, add more water or if you want less juice, let simmer at high heat with the pot cover off.

Serve with white rice and pickled carrot or cabbage…for the fiber balance in the meal.

Enjoy! – Mazotoa homana!

Funny facts about ron’akoho

– The one who killed the chicken should eat the heart.

– The thighs will be for the youngest children in the house, and the chicken tooshie especially the rump for the elder by age.

– Every local restaurant in Madagascar wherever you are will always offer ron’akoho as it is easy to swallow for tired travellers and is tasty.

– When malagasy people would be sick, ron’akoho is THE dish of choice to get back in shape. Every malagasy mum knows that!

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