Madagascar common dishes photos – snacks

This photo album tries to give you an idea of what Malagasy people are eating in between meals. It includes some street foods and homemade ones that are usually eaten by “regular” folks. In Madagascar, salty snacks are as common as sweet ones.

Fruits are a popular and cheap snack appreciated by everyone. Except for bananas, their consumption follow their seasonality. For example, mangoes can be found in the market around mid October till early January. Persimmons are available around mid February to late April. – If you do not know what persimmons are, check the photos below.

Fruits are eaten as is or chopped into fruit salad. Artificial conservation such as freezing or canning are still very rare in Madagascar. So are the GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) and any other artificial quality enhancement generally used by Western Countries. Malagasy fruits are grown naturally and are full of fiber as they take the necessary time to grow. But they are not necessarily good looking nor do they qualify for western big calibration. Anyway, what’s important – at least to Malagasy people – is that they taste reeaaaally good and they are good for you, right?

One last thing about fruits. Let’s not forget that Madagascar is a tropical Island so those fancy tropical fruit hard to find in #America or #Canada and other #WesternCountries are available at a very affordable price. The average cost of 1kg of fruit is generally under the equivalent of 1USD.

Packaged food, the most popular snacks in #USA and #Canada, are not that accessible to everyone in Madagascar. They are considered fancy snacks and cost more than the fresh ones. In fact, there are only a few local food industries. Most of the packaged food on the malagasy markets are imported from #China (not necessarily the best quality to be polite), #India or other Eastern countries. Products imported from #Europe are definitely better but so goes the price.

All in all, we advise to buy local, eat local and enjoy local. It’s fresh, tasty, and made with LOVE…(smile)

Reproduction partially or entirely of all the photos on our website is strongly prohibited unless authorized by us. Thank you and enjoy!

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