Five Amazing Mini Islands with their Beautiful Beaches in Madagascar


Madagascar is certainly one of the most beautiful places in the world and a place where nature has been preserved in its most natural form. The Islands and beaches in and around Madagascar make it an absolute must-visit.

There are certainly some that you should check out on your next visit there and if you haven’t been to Madagascar before, then this is some good advice. Come over, you’ll love every moment. The beaches and Islands of Madagascar apart from being packed full of history and wonderful stories expose you to whale-watching, snorkeling (the waters are lovely, bright and blue and you would be fascinated when you get beneath the surface), swimming, scuba-diving, lovely white sand and excellent weather. Apart from the aforementioned, the surrounding environment at the beaches will certainly reveal one or two very endemic species that you might never see again in your life.

Why speak any further, let’s dive in.

Nosy Be

You’ve probably have heard of the Nosy Be before. And if you haven’t this will be certainly one of the first destinations that you would hear of around those who have been to Madagascar for a holiday or from people who live there. Here, you can enjoy the pleasure of a waterfront when you come over (we’re expecting you). There are water activities such as whale-watching and snorkeling available at the beach fronts that cover the Island.

Lovers of music and entertainment could be thrilled especially when The Donia Music Festival commences giving you a pleasurable experience. This would be possible if your time of visit is around the months of May and June.

That’s nature, whales, snorkeling and music rolled into one single pack, can you beat that?…

Just follow me


Ile Sainte Marie

Ile Sainte Marie, an Island that has a rich and interesting history that includes pirates. Whaaaat?! This is another great destination for your visit or holiday if you are planning one. The beaches are not only the reason but the soft sand, palm trees and fishing, along with excellent seafood such as crabs and lobsters (the spiny kind) make this Island provide a home-away-from-home feel that is rare when you are a thousand miles away from your normal home.

The beaches around offer activities such as whale watching for humpbacks that are easily viewed in the area especially from July to September during their breeding season, snorkeling is also common as the clear waters give you that lovely scenery for lovers of the sea.

The beaches are also lined with fruits and spices at certain points of the year – mangoes, clove and cinnamon and breadfruit, so depending on when you visit you could have your fill of nice fruit or try some new spice in your cooking.

Back to our story on pirates, they aren’t there anymore, but you can check out their cemetery at the Pirates Bay – Baie des Forbans.

That’s not all…

Nosy Iranja

An Island that possesses a lovely structure – a Big Island (Nosy Iranja Be) connected by a sandbar to a small island (Nosy Iranja Kely). It also has a lighthouse that was originally designed to have white flash light every 5 seconds fabricated in France by Gustave Eiffel’s firm. Clear waters for snorkeling and green turtles for viewing make the beaches on this Island a must to be at. Swimming is not a strange thing to do during your visit to the beaches and why resist topping your visit with a lunch of seafood with such scenic views available on one of the boats around the island?

A 1.5 kilometer walk can be attempted on the sandbar during the low tide to transport yourself to the bigger island from the smaller island and vice versa, a full fun-time is guaranteed.

An Island that Robinson Crusoe would be proud of and you certainly will fall in love with and possibly hook you to Madagascar for life.

Next up is…

Manafiafy Beach

With a Rainforest lodge, wildlife and mountain scenes to boot, Manafiafy is certainly one of the best beaches to relax on and have complete break from stress especially with its luxury lodge. Away from the hustle and bustle of some of the busier parts of Madagascar, this place gives you the life that you need and time to fully exercise the potential of peace and quiet within. You could certainly end up being the only one at around at the time of your visit (it is that undisturbed) but certainly would have a lovely time as the lodge attendants make wonderful hosts and assistants to all who come to this place.

Manafiafy offers you a pretty complete experience, not just the beach and the lodge, but wildlife (with guides), plants, landforms, good people available to help. It is your perfect home with a beach front and in case you were searching for an all-inclusive getaway that will offer you all the comfort that you need on a spot, you should certainly be at Manafiafy.


Ile aux Nattes

A lovely Island with its accompanying beaches “untouched” by the ills of civilization especially if you are one that is in need of a very private and quiet time. Cars cannot make their way to this island you’ll need a pirogue to get to this, lovely isn’t it?

Snorkeling, whale-watching, scuba diving and checking out wildlife that is around the island are some of the activities that you can carry out when you visit the beach in this place. You can do some fly-fishing at the canal or at the reefs. There is also opportunity to view the waters without having to get yourself wet if you are not the overly adventurous type or a good swimmer by using the boats with transparent bottoms. The lodges available here are situated in such a way that you can state that “At some point in my life, I had a beachfront accommodation all to myself”.

These are not all the available Islands with beaches in Madagascar but certainly just a few of a great collection that Madagascar holds. Madagascar is a pot of gold when it comes to nature’s treasures.

If paradise had to be described in human terms Madagascar’s islands with their accompanying beaches will certainly be part of the terms that will be used.

Pack up and Come over already!!


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