Madagascar Quotes and Proverbs (Part Three)

This is the third in the series of Madagascar quotes and proverbs. Some of the best of the proverbs and their meaning have been included in this post and you should take some time to sit back and memorize some of them and possibly make use f them in daily speech, or possibly explore and discuss about the practical effects of some of these realities in your life in the comments section…


A couple of my best from previous posts have been:


Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime – Chinese Proverb. Meaning – It is better to train people than to give them gifts. Work to change a person’s lifestyle than their current state alone.


This is one of best as the desire to be independent and not rely on people is not only strong in me but advisable. We must remember – People change and people die.


Greet everyone cordially when you don’t know who your in-laws are going to be.

Meaning: Make it a practice to treat people well, there should be no excuse for disrespect and bad-treatment. The word is small and you might need the last person you treated badly in a critical moment soon enough.

Haha… this is a very hilarious one but very true. You really can’t be too kind or too well-mannered because the implications for this are not only true for an individual but also for the generation coming after him… Romeo and Juliet does come to mind here


Once again some of the credits here go to (History of painters, Malagasy Proverbs).


So really without wasting further time let’s see some of the proverbs on display this week shall we…



  1. You can’t catch a louse with one finger.


Meaning: Some of the smallest issues are not easily dealt with or with frivolous mindset there has to be care and concentration to deal with them


  1. Crows are black everywhere

Meaning: People and the things are the same wherever they are. A change in the location of your external surroundings doesn’t imply a change in your internal configuration and mentality.

  1. An egg does not fight a rock.

Meaning: Everyone should know their level and their strength.

  1. A patient that can swallow food makes the nurse doubtful. — Madagascar Proverb


Meaning: Certain characteristics are expected from certain types of people and characteristics whenever it’s opposite there is uncertainty.


  1. In a fight with a fool it’s a wise man who quits. –Madagascar Proverb


Meaning: Wise people seek the way of peace faster whenever a quarrel arises.


  1. Indecision is like the stepchild: if he doesn’t wash his hands, he is called dirty; if he does , he is wasting the water.


Meaning: If you don’t make the right decisions at the right time, you will always be blamed for the outcome of your actions or inaction


  1. Don’t take another mouthful before you have swallowed what is already in your mouth


Meaning: Take everything stage by stage. Do not give in to pressure and then rush through an issue no matter how bitter or how sweet. Take and complete what you can manage.


  1. If you try to cleanse others – like soap, you will waste away in the process!


Meaning: every help that you offer takes resource out of you, you should be aware and know what is being pulled from you when you offer yourself to another.


  1. Sorrow is like precious treasure, shown only to friends


Meaning: The depth of your relationship with an individual is the extent to which you can share the most pressing issues about your life with them. You don’t go bawling out your heart to a stranger.


  1. Friendship, like the plumage of a chicken, comes off only at death


Meaning: Friendships are expected to last the lifetime of the friends, it is not a temporary arrangement or an arrangement with benefits and gains in mind.


  1. Do not skip like a bit of rice at the bottom of the mortar


Meaning: Don’t allow everything that happens around you to dominate you. Take control of yourself and your feelings and emotions.


  1. When we are many to cross the River we are not devoured by the Caimans.


Meaning: There is safety in togetherness and unity of people. There is less likelihood to face issues that would have been faced if you had attempted the journey or process solitarily

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